FLASHBACK: Eric Holder Slams Gretchen Whitmer’s Support For Radical Abolish ICE Movement: Doesn’t “Make A Great Deal of Sense”

This morning, former Attorney General Eric Holder became the newest supporter of Democrat Gretchen Whitmer’s gubernatorial campaign in Michigan. But Holder’s recent statements about Democrats who want to abolish ICE raise serious questions for Whitmer, who has voiced her strong support for the radical movement.

When asked in an interview by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd about abolishing ICE, Holder claimed that he doesn’t “think that substantively or politically that makes a great deal of sense,” and that calls to do so are “giving the Republicans a gift.” Voters across the political spectrum seem to agree with him, as a recent AP-NORC poll shows that only 25 percent of Democrats support abolishing ICE. Despite this, Whitmer clearly stated her support for the abolish ICE movement.

While Whitmer and her campaign continue to put their party’s radical politics ahead of keeping the people of Michigan safe, even going so far as to accuse ICE of threatening the lives of citizens, now one of her top supporters has claimed that her position doesn’t make sense. Whitmer can’t be trusted to lead Michigan.