SHE SAID IT: Michigan Dem Gov Nominee Gretchen Whitmer Supports Radical Abolish ICE Movement

Now that she’s the official Democrat nominee for the Michigan governor’s race, Gretchen Whitmer owes voters answers on why she thinks their safety and security come second to her far-left political agenda.

Just a few weeks ago, Whitmer was caught on video coming out in favor of abolishing the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). When asked if she thinks ICE, which upholds the nation’s immigration system and protects the border, should be abolished, she responded: “yeah, I think the governor needs to stand up.” When the question was repeated to her, Whitmer nodded to affirm her position:

One of Whitmer’s top endorsers, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, has also stated her support for abolishing ICE. In joining Gillibrand and other far-left Democrat leaders in adopting this radical position, Whitmer has made it clear that protecting Michigan families from criminal illegal immigrants is less important than satisfying her party’s radical fringe voters. Michiganders cannot trust Gretchen Whitmer to keep them safe.