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The Republican Governors Association is dedicated to one primary objective: electing and supporting America’s Republican governors. Republicans have steadily maintained the majority of governorships as millions of Americans prefer Republican chief executives in state leadership. Republican governors’ commitment to creating jobs, lowering taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and enacting innovative, common sense reform has continuously proven to drive the nation forward.

In 2020, the RGA emerged victorious and further expanded the majority of Republican governors after facing a tough political environment and a year of unprecedented challenges. Republicans now hold 27 governorships compared to Democrats’ 23, and 8 of the 11 races in 2020 resulted in a GOP win. All six of our incumbents secured another term, we retained the open seat in Utah, and most notably, we flipped Montana from blue to red for the first time in 20 years.

Republicans also made history in 2018 by electing the first female governors of South Dakota and Iowa, the first female Republican governor of Alabama, re-electing the first Republican governor of Maryland in over 60 years, and electing the youngest governor in the nation in Florida.

Incumbent Governors Eric Holcomb of Indiana, Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, Doug Burgum of North Dakota, Phil Scott of Vermont, and Jim Justice of West Virginia all won in landslides with over 30% margins. Not only did the Democrats lose races in deep blue states Vermont and New Hampshire, but Governor Mike Parson cruised to victory in Missouri, defeating a well-financed opponent by over 16%.

This sweeping triumph was a direct result of the RGA’s strategic planning, spending, and action. By making smart investments, utilizing a newly refined data modeling and targeting program, dramatically increasing digital outreach, and adjusting television and paid media efforts to meet the moment, the RGA achieved an incredible ROI with 84% of our political budget invested into races won by Republicans. The strength of our candidates, failure of Democrats to recruit formidable opponents, and impressive leadership demonstrated by our incumbents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic also played an instrumental role.

Our unique four-year model enables us to not only focus on the 2021 gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, but also to lay the groundwork for the 36 races upcoming in 2022. The RGA exceeded its fundraising goals this year and will have a record cash on hand total at the end of the year, putting us in an especially strong position to expand the majority of Republican governors even further during the second half of our cycle.

Republican governors get the job done. We are transforming our states for the better, driving economic growth, reinventing state government and getting results. The RGA continues to be the most effective political organization in America and Republican governors continue to be the best investment for advancing common sense conservative policies across the country.




Governor Doug Ducey, Arizona

RGA Chairman