Republican Governors Association
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Washington, DC 20006
Telephone: 202-662-4140

The work of the Republican Governor’s Association has never been more important, because the contrast of what’s happening under Democrats’ leadership in DC and in Republican-led states across the country has never been so stark. If you didn’t see the importance of federalism, you certainly do now.

In Republican-led states, government is working—and so are our citizens. Out of the 20 states with the lowest unemployment rates, 15 are led by Republican governors. And that’s just one sign of the difference. Republican governors across the country are cutting taxes, cutting regulations, and cutting spending.

They’re actually solving problems instead of causing them. They’re respecting the people they serve, not trying to control them, divide them, or pander to them. They’re also at the front lines of protecting our border, because the Biden administration won’t; and they’re protecting our communities from crime, because liberals can’t.

In short, Republican governors are showing the country what conservative leadership looks like.

The RGA’s goal over the next four years is to make sure that this work continues and expands, and we do that by electing and reelecting our Republican governors. Last year, RGA worked to reelect every incumbent and to flip Nevada. And this next year, we intend to do the same— reelecting Tate Reeves in Mississippi and flipping Louisiana and Kentucky.

But we’re not just looking to the next six months, we’re mapping out an aggressive plan to increase our ranks over the next four years. RGA is the best political organization in the country, but we’re not resting on what we’ve done. We’re reevaluating everything to make sure we spend our resources (your resources!) on what works, not just what’s been done.

Because we cannot cede ground in state capitols across the country. Covid showed us what Democrat leadership looks like in the states, and the Biden Administration has shown us what the liberal agenda will do if Republican governors don’t keep them in check.

Thank you for putting your faith in this organization. And mostly, thank you for standing up for what’s right. We cannot do it without you.


Governor Kim Reynolds,

RGA Chair