Republican Governors Association
1747 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 250
Washington, DC 20006
Telephone: 202-662-4140

Dear Friends and Supporters, 

Republican governors are leading the nation and delivering results for the American people. Our commonsense, conservative policies drive economic prosperity and expand opportunity, security and freedom – changing lives for the better. 

Republicans are creating strong pro-business climates, providing greater opportunity for people living in their states to thrive. The results are tangible: Eight of the top 10 states in the country for fiscal stability are led by Republican governors; four of the top five states in the country to start a business are Republican-led. 

The Republican Governors Association is critical to ensuring we continue to expand on that success. 

With 11 gubernatorial races in 2024 and 27 Republican governors currently leading states across the nation, we stand ready to strengthen and secure America’s future. 

Our Republican governors are working tirelessly to grow their economies by attracting companies that create quality, high-paying jobs. By embracing conservative policies like lowering taxes, cutting through regulatory environments, and investing in strong workforces, we are proving that these practical, real-world solutions are effective in driving economic growth in both urban and rural areas and creating opportunity for American businesses and workers. 

Every American deserves to live in a safe neighborhood, and Republican governors are making significant investments in public safety and standing strong with law enforcement. By taking decisive action on critical issues like border security, the battle against crime and the alarming spread of deadly fentanyl, our governors are on the front lines to protect citizens, especially when the federal response is inadequate. 

Republican governors know that a high-quality education has the power to change the trajectory of a child’s life. That’s why we are expanding choices for parents, giving them a say in where their child goes to school and what they learn, regardless of income or ZIP code. When we empower parents, students succeed. Our governors will always advocate that choices should be made by families, not government bureaucrats. 

It’s time to not only maintain our current leadership in the states, but to expand it. Our goal is clear: a future where common sense, conservative policies create thriving communities and secure families, and a nation where every individual has the opportunity to succeed. 

Thank you for your continued faith in our mission and in the principles that guide us. 

Let’s make America’s future brighter together, one state at a time. 

Sincerely, Governor Bill Lee RGA Chair