Republican Governors Association
1747 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 250
Washington, DC 20006
Telephone: 202-662-4140

The Republican Governors Association is dedicated to one primary objective: electing, re-electing, and supporting America’s Republican governors.  With the RGA’s support, Republicans have steadily maintained an overall majority of governorships as millions of Americans prefer Republican chief executives in state leadership. Republican governors’ commitment to protecting freedom, lowering taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and enacting innovative, common-sense reforms has continuously proven to drive the nation forward.

The role of America’s governors has never been more pronounced than it is today. More and more Americans are choosing to flee failed Democrat-run states for the prosperity found in those governed by a Republican. Americans are paying attention and they like what they see from America’s Republican governors. Voters have seen firsthand that Republican governors get the job done.

We often boast that the RGA is the best run political organization in the country and our results speak for themselves.

In 2020, the RGA emerged victorious and further expanded the overall majority of Republican governors after facing a tough political environment and a year of unprecedented challenges. We ended the year with 27 governorships compared to Democrats’ 23, and 8 of the 11 races in 2020 resulted in a GOP win. All six of our incumbents secured another term; we retained the open seat in Utah; and most notably, we flipped Montana from blue to red for the first time in 20 years.

In 2021, we sent shockwaves across the country when we helped flip Virginia blue to red. The RGA went all in, where Biden won by 10 points just one year prior and Republicans hadn’t won the gubernatorial race since 2009. Republicans now hold 28 governorships to the Democrats 22.

These sweeping triumphs were a direct result of the RGA’s strategic planning, spending, and action. By making smart investments, utilizing a newly refined data modeling and targeting program, dramatically increasing digital outreach, and adjusting television and paid media efforts to meet the moment, the RGA achieved an incredible ROI with 84% of our political budget invested into races won by Republicans. The strength of our candidates, failure of Democrats to recruit formidable opponents, and impressive leadership demonstrated by our incumbents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic also played an instrumental role.

With 36 races on the horizon, we couldn’t be more optimistic about our opportunities to expand our majority in 2022.

Building off our successes in recent years, the RGA will focus on the multiple pick-up opportunities across the country. This is made possible by our incumbents being in a strong position to win reelection, coupled with the worsening national environment for Democrats. Our recruitment efforts over the past two years have yielded some of the strongest candidates we have seen, and we know voters are ready for the fresh leadership they will bring.

They see us transforming our states for the better, driving economic growth, reinventing state government, and getting results. With your support, we will be able to export those results to millions more of Americans by electing even more Republican governors this year.

Thank you,

Doug Ducey,

RGA Co-Chairman

Pete Ricketts,

RGA Co-Chairman