Out-of-Touch Malloy Enabler Dita Bhargava Says Fee Hikes In Connecticut Are “Just Common Sense”

In her out-of-touch campaign for the Democrat gubernatorial nomination in Connecticut, liberal hedge fund manager Dita Bhargava continues to double-down on tax and fee hikes that have wrecked the state’s economy under Failed Governor Dan Malloy. Joining other Malloy Enablers like Ned Lamont and Oz Griebel, Bhargava came out in favor of imposing tolls on Connecticut families, tweeting that they are “just common sense” and that she supports them:

Bhargava’s support for new fee hikes that would further burden overtaxed Connecticut citizens is far from unexpected since she’s spent months doubling and tripling down on Malloy-style tax increases to bring “new tax revenue” to the state, even borrowing Malloy’s favorite euphemism for tax hikes that he’s used for years. At a time when Connecticut remains desperate for a new direction to turn the page on Dan Malloy’s failed agenda, Dita Bhargava has shown that she would only be more of the same.