Connecticut Dem Gov Candidate Dita Bhargava Doubles Down On Malloy’s Tax Hike Agenda

Connecticut’s Democrat gubernatorial candidates continue to double down on Failed Governor Dan Malloy’s reckless tax-and-spend agenda in spite of the disastrous results it has had on the state. Now, left-wing Democrat candidate Dita Bhargava is indicating that she will continue his failed policies if elected.

In a recent interview with WFSB-TV, Bhargava emphasized the need for “new revenue to our state,” a common euphemism for tax hikes that Democrat candidates have used on the campaign trail in the Nutmeg State. Fellow Democrat candidate Chris Mattei made similar statements that were caught on video earlier this month, calling for “creative revenue solutions” as he described imposing tolls and even a “robot tax” on Connecticut citizens.

But Democrats hiding tax increases behind the word “revenue” is nothing new in Connecticut. In 2015, Malloy tried to disguise his massive tax increase proposals as “revenue proposals” in order to sell them to the public. Now candidates like Bhargava and Mattei are using the same playbook, trying to hide their reckless tax-and-spend policies from voters. But after eight years of disastrous results from Malloy and his Democrat Enablers’ ax hikes, Connecticut voters won’t be fooled.

DITA BHARGAVA: “So what I bring to the table is that 20 plus career in business, and like I said I think right now our issues are very economic. We need to empower businesses, we need to push for progressive values. I think the two go hand in hand, and a  lot of people think that progressive and pro-business don’t go hand in hand, you can’t have the progressive values without the pro-business values, and we need new revenue to our state, that’s exactly what I’m going to focus on. And my experience in business is exactly what is going to move that agenda forward.”