Malloy Enabler Dita Bhargava Distorts Reality, Forgets That She Called For Tax Hikes

In her desperate rush to avoid being exposed as another Dan Malloy Enabler, liberal hedge fund manager Dita Bhargava appears to be growing more forgetful and further out of touch with reality in her pursuit of Connecticut’s highest office. In response to criticism of her stated support for tax increases, Bhargava tweeted over the weekend that she “doesn’t believe in more tax hikes.” There’s just one problem: she said the exact opposite thing just last week.

In an interview published on December 12 that Bhargava clearly seems to have already forgotten, she explicitly called for “more tax revenue,” tripling down on the same failed Democrat policies that have driven Connecticut into fiscal ruin. And that wasn’t the first time Bhargava stated her support for Dan Malloy’s tax-and-spend agenda. In another interview in October on WFSB-TV, Bhargava claimed she wanted to bring “new revenue” for Connecticut, “revenue” being the exact same phrase used by Malloy to disguise his disastrous tax hikes since he took office.

This raises a serious question: Why is Dita Bhargava stating one position and then taking the opposite one less than a week later? Either she simply can’t keep up with her own campaign platform, or she’s trying to distort her record and mislead voters. Unfortunately for Bhargava, she’s not fooling anyone with her contradictory statements and Connecticut citizens know that she’s nothing more than just another Malloy Enabler, committed to raising their taxes and doubling down on failed Democrat policies.