Tax Hiker Molly Kelly Refuses To Follow Through On Her Promise To Sign Pledge Against Tax Increases In New Hampshire

As she desperately tries to hide her record as a Tax Hiker from New Hampshire voters, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly is reportedly refusing to follow through on her promise to sign the Granite State’s traditional pledge to oppose any broad-based tax increases.

In April, Kelly told NH1 News that she would take the pledge, but according to the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers, she has refused to do so, giving no response to inquiries regarding the topic. This weekend her primary opponent, Steve Marchand, made clear that he will not sign the pledge, leaving New Hampshire Democrats with two gubernatorial candidates who have left the door open to hiking taxes.

Kelly has consistently supported tax increases throughout her career in politics and has even claimed that “everything is on the table” with regards to tax hikes on working families. Now, as she refuses to follow through on her promise to sign the pledge, Kelly is showing New Hampshire voters that she remains committed to increasing their taxes if elected this November.