On Tax Day, Tax Hiker Molly Kelly Tries To Run Away From Her Record In New Hampshire

Worried about her record as a serial tax hiker in the New Hampshire state legislature, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly is desperately trying to run away from her past. In response to criticism about her past support for tax hikes, Kelly recently told the Concord Monitor that her stance on taxes “isn’t necessarily the same” as the stances she has taken throughout her career in politics.

This raises a question for New Hampshire voters: Which Molly Kelly should they believe? The one who is desperately trying to convince them to vote for her? Or the one who has spent her career pushing tax hikes on hard working New Hampshire families? Try as she might, Kelly can’t change the fact that she spent years supporting tax hikes, the repeal of education tax credits, and wanted to open the door to income tax hikes on the people of New Hampshire.

Fearing that New Hampshire voters will learn about her real record, Kelly is trying to mislead voters. But after making a career off supporting tax increases on Granite State families, Kelly can’t be trusted.