Tax Hiker Molly Kelly Is Wrong For New Hampshire

Yesterday, Democrat Tax Hiker Molly Kelly officially joined the New Hampshire governor’s race, pledging to undo the bipartisan progress achieved under GOP Governor Chris Sununu. If elected, Kelly would only continue to push for massive tax hikes on the people of her state, just as she has consistently done over the course of her political career.

While Kelly was in the state legislature, she voted numerous times to push tax and fee hikes on New Hampshire families. Kelly was an ardent supporter of Maggie Hassan’s gas tax hike in 2014 and she was a co-sponsor to legislation to repeal an education tax credit program that allows businesses to receive tax credits in exchange for donating to a scholarship program. Kelly also voted against allowing a ballot measure to prohibit increases to New Hampshire’s state income tax.

Kelly’s record of supporting tax hikes on the people of New Hampshire is no surprise given who she’s spent time on the campaign trail with. In 2016, Kelly proudly embraced Connecticut’s failed Democrat Governor Dan Malloy, whose job-killing tax-and-spend policies have driven his state into economic decline, losing thousands of jobs and numerous businesses. Kelly’s policies would only have the same result in New Hampshire if she were elected, and with the state finally headed on the right track under Governor Sununu, New Hampshire can’t afford to go backwards.