Tax Hiker Molly Kelly Would Bring Dan Malloy’s Failed Agenda To New Hampshire

Tax Hiker Molly Kelly and her allies in the New Hampshire Democrat Party are struggling to defend her record of supporting tax hikes on the people of her state. After calling simple facts regarding her votes in the state legislature in support of tax increases “misleading” last week, the New Hampshire Democrat Party has refused to provide evidence for their claim, as they desperately try to hide their candidate’s poor record on the issue.

But Kelly’s support for tax hikes on working families in New Hampshire should be no surprise given the company she keeps. During the 2016 election season, she embraced Connecticut’s failed Democrat Governor, Dan Malloy, who has driven his state into fiscal chaos and economic decline by imposing massive tax hikes. Thanks to Malloy’s anti-jobs policies, Connecticut now has the highest unemployment rate in New England as companies continue to leave the state’s hostile business climate, taking thousands of jobs with them.

If Molly Kelly is taking her cues on tax policy from Dan Malloy and is planning on bringing his failed agenda to New Hampshire, it further shows how out-of-touch she has become.