Stacey Whoever Will Be The Most Far-Left Dem Gov Nominee In Georgia History

With Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans desperately trying to out-left one another to win the Georgia Democrat gubernatorial nomination, both have abandoned any semblance of centrism to pursue liberal primary voters. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that “no matter who wins Tuesday’s primary between Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans, it will mark the first time in decades the top Democratic candidate in Georgia has raced to the party’s left flank.”

For months, the two candidates have attacked each other from the left in what has been called a “scorched earth” campaign, with Evans accusing Abrams of having “betrayed Democrats” while Abrams has openly sought the endorsement of extreme groups including Our Revolution. Both Abrams and Evans have fully embraced far-left political positions as well, refusing to oppose business tax hikes proposed by their party’s leaders that would reverse bonuses and pay raises in Georgia while giving their tacit approval to Nancy Pelosi’s job-killing agenda.

No matter which candidate wins on Tuesday, Georgia’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate will be the most far-left nominee in the party’s history. After spending months alienating average Georgia voters by embracing extreme positions, Stacey Whoever faces a tough road to victory in November.