Does Stacey Whoever Support Reversing Georgia Pay Raises and Bonuses?

Earlier this month, Congressional Democrats promised to put forward new income and business tax hikes on the American people should they secure majorities in Congress this November. Since then, Georgia’s Democrat gubernatorial candidates, Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans, have not commented on whether they support these plans. With Georgia businesses and workers already seeing the benefits of GOP tax reform in the form of raises and bonuses, voters deserve to know if Abrams and Evans would work to reverse these positive developments for Georgia’s economy.

Just this week, Georgia-based manufacturing company Southwire announced it would invest $9 million into its employees in the form of bonuses, expanded parental leave policies, and new workforce training programs as a direct result of GOP tax reform. Fifth Third Bancorp, which has 33 locations in Georgia, has also decided to give $1,000 bonuses to its employees while raising its base wage to $15 an hour thanks to savings made possible by tax cuts.

As Georgians continue to see the measurable positive impact of tax reform on their daily lives, Abrams and Evans have given no indication of whether they will protect them from Congressional Democrats’ plans to raise their taxes. They owe voters a simple answer: Will they stand with the people of Georgia or with Washington D.C. Democrats trying to take away their pay raises and bonuses?