WASHINGTON, D.C. – While Washington, D.C. remains in a standstill, the Republican Governors Association today launched the second video of the American Comeback project, a national advertising effort designed to tell the success stories and accomplishments of Republican governors.

The second ad of the American Comeback project features New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and how she’s leading the New Mexico Comeback.

You can view Governor Martinez’s video here:

“We are working extremely hard to make New Mexico more competitive,” said Governor Martinez. “We’ve understood that New Mexico has not been competitive for many years. We’re working hard at reducing our taxes for the families and small businesses in New Mexico. We have embraced our energy-rich state in a very responsible way, and because of that, we’re seeing that we’re turning a corner, yet there’s still a lot of work to be done. And I have great hope.”

“We’re doing it in New Mexico now. We’re reforming, we’re changing things, and we’re bringing the people to the process so they understand what we’re fighting for,” Governor Martinez added.

“The answers are not in Washington. Republican governors are the ones that are driving America’s comeback,” Governor Martinez concluded.

In the coming weeks and months, The American Comeback project will grow to include more videos focused on individual Republican governors, their personal journeys and the progress they’ve made toward bringing prosperity to their states.