Gov. Susana Martinez (NM)


Progress in New Mexico under Gov. Susana Martinez

  • Governor Martinez turned a structural deficit into a surplus, passed education reforms to rate each school’s performance, enacted comprehensive tax reform, and focused on a pro-growth jobs agenda.
  • She worked with lawmakers to boost funding for education and Medicaid, and did it without raising taxes.
  • She also increased the size of the state’s reserve fund, which had been depleted during the tenure of former Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson.
  • Working with a Democratic legislature, Governor Martinez passed the New Mexico Jobs Package, which reduced the tax rate on businesses from 7.6 to 5.9 percent.
  • Governor Martinez amended New Mexico’s tax code to allow for what is called a “single-sales” factor, which ensured the state no longer penalizes manufacturers who export their goods.
  • Under this Governor, New Mexico has moved from 38th in the nation in export growth three years ago to first in the nation today.
  • Governor Martinez established an A-F grading system for schools, a more workable alternative to the federal No Child Left Behind law.
  • She increased funding to make permanent the K-3 Plus Program, which extended the school year by five weeks for disadvantaged students in those grades.