Failed Dem Gov Candidate And Tax Hiker Molly Kelly Considering Another Run For New Hampshire’s Highest Office

Despite having been rejected by New Hampshire voters at the polls just a few months ago, failed gubernatorial candidate and serial tax hiker Molly Kelly is already considering another run for the Granite State’s highest office.

The Keene Sentinelreports that Kelly is mulling a run for governor in 2020, after losing by a wide margin in 2018 when she campaigned on imposing burdensome taxes and other anti-business policies on the Granite State. This comes as Governor Chris Sununu’s leadership has produced clear results for working families, with New Hampshire’s unemployment rate dropping to just 2.4 percent, one of the lowest rates of any state in the country. Recent polling also indicates that Governor Sununu is now the third most popular governor in America with a 64 percent approval rating, showing clear support from Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike.

“Granite Staters made it clear in November that they do not want a tax hiker in their state’s highest office, and that hasn’t changed,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Molly Kelly campaigned on a big government, tax-and-spend agenda and was soundly rejected by voters. With Governor Sununu’s pro-jobs policies producing clear results for working families, New Hampshire cannot afford to turn backwards.”