Tax Hiker Molly Kelly Commits To Rolling Back Tax Cuts In New Hampshire

New Hampshire Democrat gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly is making it clear to voters that she wants to increase their tax burden if elected. In an interview yesterday morning on New Hampshire Public Radio, Kelly was asked if she would “roll back” tax cuts but in place by Republicans, and responded, “yes, I would repeal those tax cuts.”

REPORTER: “So if you were elected would you roll back the tax cuts that the Republicans put in place?”

MOLLY KELLY: “Yes, I would repeal those tax cuts…”

This comes just one week after it was reported that Kelly has thus far refused to follow through on her promise to sign the state’s traditional pledge for political candidates to oppose any broad-based tax hikes if elected. As Kelly continues to build her campaign on the promise of job-killing tax hikes for Granite State businesses and families, voters continue to see how unfit she is to lead New Hampshire.