As 2020 Democrats Debate, RGA Releases New Video Detailing Dem Governors’ Leftward Lurch

WASHINGTON, DC – The Republican Governors Association (RGA) released a new video today to coincide with the second round of the 2020 Democratic primary debates, held in Detroit, Michigan this week. Titled “Too Left,” the video highlights extreme policy positions embraced by Democrat governors and gubernatorial candidates. The video features Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Colorado Governor Jared Polis, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, as well as Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, and David Garcia, the Democrats’ failed 2018 gubernatorial nominees in Georgia, Florida, and Arizona, respectively.

Several Democrat governors recently expressed concerns about their party’s radical agenda and “urge[d the] 2020 field not to veer too far left,” according to reporting by the New York Times. But as the video shows, they are far too late – and Democrats taking the debate stage tonight are actually mimicking the exact policies advocated by sitting governors.

View the video here:


“Democrat governors’ supposed concern over their party’s race to the left rings awfully hollow given that they’ve been pushing the extreme policies taking center stage in Detroit in their states,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “As Americans hear the 2020 presidential candidates double down on raising taxes, weakening border security, scorning capitalism, and forcing government run health care on our citizens, it’s important to remember that Democrats in governor’s offices across this country are actively trying to implement their party’s radical agenda.”

Find even more examples of Democratic governors embracing their party’s extreme agenda below:

Government Healthcare Takeover:

Extreme Immigration Agenda: