Where Do Kentucky Dem Gov Candidates Stand On Bernie Sanders’ New Single-Payer Plan?

Today, self-described socialist Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders unveiled his new plan for a government takeover of the United States’ healthcare system through the imposition of a single-payer system. With Sanders’ emerging as a lead contender for his party’s nomination, with his Medicare for All proposal increasingly viewed as a litmus test for the Democrat Party, it’s past time for Democrats running for governor in Kentucky to share their position with the voters.

So far, Andy Beshear, Adam Edelen, and Rocky Adkins have remained completely silent as their party has embraced socialist-style policies including single-payer healthcare and the “Green New Deal,” whose architect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is planning on visiting Kentucky. Now, as the leaders of their party double down on increasingly far-left policies that could ruin Kentucky’s economy, Beshear, Edelen, and Adkins are still leaving voters in the dark about where they stand.

“Democrats running for governor owe Kentuckians a straight answer: Do they support Bernie Sanders’ plan for a government takeover of their healthcare system? Or will they stand up for the working people of their state?” said RGA Deputy Communications Director John Burke.