What They Are Saying About Andy Beshear’s Very Bad Day

“An event meant to highlight unity among the Democratic party didn’t go as planned for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andy Beshear…” (Spectrum News)

Kentucky Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andy Beshear thought he was going to have a good day yesterday. He was finally campaigning alongside primary rival Adam Edelen, who spent millions attacking Beshear’s record and character just a few short weeks ago. It didn’t go that way. Here’s what they are saying about Andy Beshear’s very bad day:

The day got off to a rocky start when Edelen doubled down on his criticism of Beshear…

“…Edelen stands by ‘pedophiles’ jab at Beshear” (Louisville Courier Journal)

Phillip Bailey, Louisville Courier Journal: “I asked @adamhedelen if he regrets or apologizes for saying @AndyBeshearKY represented pedophiles when he defended the Boy Scouts of America. He would only say that he is proud of the campaign he ran” (Twitter, 6/26)

“Edelen did not answer the question when asked if he believes his criticisms of Beshear were still the candidate’s largest vulnerabilities.” (Lexington Herald-Leader)

“…Edelen didn’t back down from his assertion that Beshear, who defeated him in the Democratic election, defended child predators as a private attorney.” (Louisville Courier Journal)

Then things really took a turn for the worse when Beshear deviated from his usual talking points to attack President Donald Trump, who is extremely popular in Kentucky…

“During a speech to supporters in the coffee shop, the usually well rehearsed Beshear said President Trump, instead of Matt Bevin. ‘This is an opportunity not just to stop the negative policies of Donald Trump but to come all come together,’ he told the crowd.” (Spectrum News)

Ryland Barton, Kentucky Public Radio: “Quote from AG Andy Beshear, Democrat for #kygov: ‘Folks, this is an opportunity. Not just to stop the negative policies of Donald Trump, but to all come together. I want this to not just about a campaign, but about an administration where every day you feel like you’re a part’” (Twitter, 6/26)

Phillip Bailey, Louisville Courier Journal: “[Andy Beshear] took this unprovoked swipe at President Donald #Trump, who is very popular in the Bluegrass.” (Twitter, 6/26)

Daniel Desrochers, Lexington Herald-Leader: “[Beshear’s] campaign immediately denied he said it (even though he did).” (Twitter, 6/26)

Phillip Bailey, Louisville Courier Journal: “Wait… @AndyBeshearKY’s tram denied he even said it?!?!?! Besides 8 reporters being there…It. Is. On. Tape.” (Twitter, 6/26)

A video really is worth a thousand words, watch Beshear’s statement here.