HE SAID IT: Dem Gov Candidate Andy Beshear Admits He’s Trying To Stop President Trump’s Policies In Kentucky

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear has made it clear that he stands with his party’s radical far-left leadership over working Kentucky families. In new video of a Wednesday morning campaign event in Louisville, KY, Behear stated that he wants to “stop” the “policies of [President] Donald Trump.” 

View the video here: youtu.be/XSTXHw5eH8c

In the 2016 presidential race, over 62 percent of Kentucky voters cast their ballots for President Trump. Beshear admitted during a Democrat primary debate that he voted for Hillary Clinton, and has recently toutedsupport from left-wing group Indivisible, which describes itself as “a national, progressive organization founded to defeat the Trump agenda.”

Beshear made the comment while campaigning with liberal Democrat Adam Edelen, a former primary foe who relentlessly attacked Beshear and questioned his fitness to be governor as recently as several weeks ago.