VIDEO: Tim Walz Attacks Rural Minnesota As “Mostly Rocks and Cows”

This week, Minnesota DFL gubernatorial candidate Tim Walz said what he truly thinks about rural, Republican Minnesota – and it’s just as insulting as one might expect from an opportunistic politician trying desperately to appeal to today’s urban, elite dominated Democratic party.

Walz has been doing everything possible to shed his past in order to win a primary from a party now run by urban elites. First, Walz picked a far-left liberal activist as his running mate. Then, Walz flip-flopped on Obamacare, distanced himself from the NRA, and changed his position on refugee immigration.

Now, Walz has revealed his true colors – attacking rural Minnesota as “mostly rocks and cows.”

“You see those maps,” Walz said to an audience in Minneapolis. “Red and blue and there’s all that red across there. And Democrats go into depression over it. It’s mostly rocks and cows that are in that red area.

Watch here.

It’s disgusting that Walz is peddling the insulting narrative used by urban elites – that rural Americans who tend to vote Republican are worthy of disparagement.

If Tim Walz is willing to insult and dismiss rural Minnesota, he isn’t fit to be Governor.