VIDEO: In Santa Fe, Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham Mocks Rural New Mexicans

In a shocking new video, Michelle Lujan Grisham appears to reveal what she really thinks of New Mexico’s rural voters.

In the video of a recent campaign event in Santa Fe, the Democrat gubernatorial nominee uses a mocking tone to describe a woman who Lujan Grisham says in astonishment “chose [to live in] Deming!” Lujan Grisham’s comments were immediately followed by laughter from her audience, prompting her to admit “when you’re from Santa Fe…we get a little braggy.”

Lujan Grisham’s remarks fit a disturbing pattern of Democrat gubernatorial nominees throughout the country. A few months ago, Democrat gubernatorial nominee Tim Walz attacked rural Minnesota as “mostly rocks and cows,” while Colorado Democrat gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis has faced criticism for ignoring rural voters.

New Mexico deserves a leader who can unifying the state – not a divider who mocks their rural constituents.

Watch here: