VIDEO: Radical Arizona Dem Gov Candidate David Garcia Doubles-Down On His Support of ‘Abolish ICE’ Movement

Arizona Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Garcia continues to double-down on the radical left, reiterating his support for the far-left ‘Abolish ICE’ movement during a televised debate this week. Asked directly whether he agrees with the call to ‘Abolish ICE,” Garcia replies “Yes,” and says that he is “taking a strong position” on the issue.

GARCIA: “Yes, I am taking a strong position on this one.”

Watch here:

Garcia continues to reveal his deeply held extreme beliefs, and it’s hurting his campaign for governor. The Arizona Capitol Times has called Garcia’s embrace of the ‘abolish ICE’ movement a “blunder” and “a step too far.”

From praising the socialist campaign of New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to supporting an extreme environmental agenda to double monthly electricity bills on families, to now saying that he has a “strong position” in favor of abolishing ICE, David Garcia has made clear that he is a far-left radical who is deeply out-of-touch with the people of Arizona.