AZ Dem Gov Candidate David Garcia Fundraises With California Billionaire Who Wants To DOUBLE Arizona’s Monthly Electricity Bills

Arizona Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Garcia continued to double down on his radical environmental agenda this week, fundraising at the home of California billionaire and hedge fund manager Tom Steyer.

Tom Steyer has made it his mission to raise energy prices for hardworking Arizona families, and Garcia is right there by his side. Steyer is “bankrolling” an initiative that would double the average Arizona household’s monthly electricity bill. This would amount to more than $1,000 per family each year. Steyer’s also been accused of hiring dozens of felons, in potential violation of state law, to get this radical energy price hike on the ballot.

Garcia has openly supported Tom Steyer’s plan to double electricity prices for Arizona families, and Steyer and his wife have already sent maxed out campaign contributions to Garcia.

Garcia’s decision to fundraise with Tom Steyer and enthusiastically support a plan to double electricity bills is a direct assault on the well being of Arizona families, and it reveals just how out-of-touch Garcia truly is.