VIDEO: DGA Vice Chair Gina Raimondo Attacks Dan Malloy’s Connecticut

The Democrat governors of Connecticut and Rhode Island continue to fight over one important distinction: whose state is in worse shape. New video shows current Democratic Governors Association Vice Chair Gina Raimondo attacking Governor Dan Malloy’s Connecticut, comparing the state unfavorably to Rhode Island while claiming that it is “blossoming debt as far as you can see:”

GINA RAIMONDO: “Rhode Island is an island of rationality. Look at our neighbors – look at Connecticut, blossoming debt as far as you can see.”

Raimondo appears to be returning the favor for negative comments Malloy made toward Rhode Island’s business climate months ago. While speaking to the media after news that Alexion Pharmaceuticals was leaving Connecticut, Malloy highlighted the fact that Rhode Island was “going to lose all of the jobs” they had from Alexion in their state while Connecticut would retain some of theirs.

As Malloy and Raimondo argue over whose state has the worst business climate and whose state is the most poorly run, both have succeeded in making their states the least economically prosperous places in New England. Both Connecticut and Rhode Island lead the region in unemployment, lagging behind neighboring states led Republican governors, and both states continue to face lingering budget issues due to their failed fiscal management.

While Malloy and Raimondo can’t agree on whose state is worse off, the people of their states know it’s time to turn the page on failed Democrat policies.