DGA Chairman Dan Malloy Throws Rhode Island Dem Gov Gina Raimondo Under The Bus On Jobs

With Failed Connecticut Governor and Democratic Governors Association Chairman Dan Malloy taking heat for another major business departure from Connecticut, he’s decided to throw Gina Raimondo, one of the most vulnerable Democrat gubernatorial incumbents in the country, under the bus to deflect from his own failed policies. While taking questions on Alexion Pharmaceuticals’ announcement that it will become the latest major employer to leave Connecticut under his watch, Malloy decided to highlight news that Rhode Island is also losing 250 manufacturing jobs with the company’s plant closing down in their state:

DAN MALLOY:You know, when Jodi Rell was governor, production of their drug moved from Connecticut into Rhode Island. Now Rhode Island is going to lose all of the jobs they have and we’re going to be the research center for a dynamic company which has faced some very serious challenges and has hired a leadership team that’s based in Boston.”

Malloy is far from incorrect in singling out Rhode Island’s failed economic record under Raimondo’s leadership. Under her watch, the state has been consistently ranked in the bottom five states for business by CNBC and has been plagued by “anemic” job growth.” As a result, polls show that Raimondo has become the least popular and most vulnerable Democrat incumbent seeking reelection next year. Unfortunately for Malloy and the Connecticut Democrats jockeying to succeed him in 2018 however, Raimondo’s failures don’t excuse his party’s disastrous leadership in Connecticut, which has led to never-ending budget crises, sky-high tax rates, and high-profile departures by major job creators including Aetna, General Electric, and now Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

Dan Malloy has however made one point abundantly clear to voters in both Connecticut and Rhode Island – that both states deserve better leadership than him and Raimondo come 2018.