Vermont Dem Gov Primary Gets Ugly As James Ehlers Attacks Christine Hallquist

Vermont’s Democrat gubernatorial primary is already getting ugly as candidates turn on one another with less than eight months to go until the general election. Far-left Democrat James Ehlers, who is openly campaigning on opposing job growth in Vermont, is now attacking fellow Democrat Christine Hallquist for being “not nearly progressive enough.” Seven Days VT reports that Ehlers singled out Hallquist as “a product of career-long immersion ‘in the corporate world’” and “someone who’s lived a life of privilege” in an effort to undermine her support with liberal Democrat primary voters.

With Democrats already facing an uphill battle as state party leaders have “tacitly acknowledged Scott’s likely reelection,” growing divisions between Ehlers and Hallquist do not bode well for their chances of uniting Democrat voters this November.

Seven Days VT reports:

“’Really’” asked Theo Fetter, campaign manager for progressive-minded Democratic candidate James Ehlers, when told of her spotty memory. He called [Hallquist] ‘not nearly progressive enough’…

(The third Democrat in the race, Ethan Sonneborn, did not respond to a request for comment by press time.)

Hallquist says she has a simple, effective idea for creating jobs, especially in rural Vermont: universal broadband…

Ehlers begs to differ. ‘The biggest problem [in rural Vermont] is insufficient water and wastewater infrastructure,’ he said. ‘Broadband is important, but it’s not the most important factor.’

He called Hallquist a product of career-long immersion ‘in the corporate world’ and added, ‘This is what I’d expect from someone who’s lived a life of privilege.’”