Touting His Strong Support For Border Security, Border Patrol Unions Endorse Gov. Doug Ducey For Re-Election In Arizona

Recognizing his strong commitment to border security and keeping Arizonans safe, Border Patrol Unions have endorsed Governor Doug Ducey’s re-election bid in Arizona.

The Associated Press reports that the local and national Border Patrol unions are endorsing Ducey, due to his strong support for “protecting the citizens of Arizona and America.” The AP also noted that “Ducey has stressed a commitment to border security, launching a law enforcement initiative called Arizona’s Border Strike Force, which aims to stop the flow of drugs and illegal immigration into the United States.”

This stands in direct contrast to Ducey’s opponent, David Garcia, who has embraced the radical abolish ICE movement, wants open borders, and an extreme agenda that would make Arizona less safe.

Governor Ducey remains committed to keeping the people of Arizona safe, as this new endorsement shows he is the strongest candidate for border security.