RGA Releases New TV Ad In Arizona Governor’s Race: “Safe”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association released a new TV ad in the Arizona governor’s race today, highlighting how Democrat David Garcia’s radical agenda would fail to keep Arizona families safe.

Watch the RGA’s new TV ad here: https://youtu.be/Z7YNljfcoIw

“David Garcia’s radical agenda is dangerous,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. “David Garcia wants to abolish ICE, won’t protect the border, and his reckless policies would lead to more sex trafficking and drugs in neighborhoods. David Garcia can’t be trusted to keep Arizonans safe.”


As a mom with two daughters, nothing is more important than keeping them safe.

That’s why I’m worried about David Garcia.

Garcia wants to get rid of ICE, the law enforcement agency that enforces our immigration laws.

Which would allow more sex trafficking and more drugs into our neighborhoods.

David Garcia won’t protect our border.

GARCIA: “No wall in southern Arizona.”

As a mom, I cannot support David Garcia.

I don’t trust him to keep us safe.