Tax Hiker Molly Kelly Is Committed To Reversing New Hampshire’s Economic Progress

Tax Hiker Molly Kelly filed her candidacy for New Hampshire’s highest office today, promising to continue her efforts to impose higher taxes on working families, as she has done throughout her career in politics.

In the New Hampshire state legislature, Kelly voted to increase the gas tax and to repeal the education tax credit, which allows businesses to donate to a scholarship program and receive a business tax credit in exchange. Kelly also voted against allowing a ballot measure that would have prohibited state income tax hikes.

To make matters worse – just this week – despite promising that she would take the traditional pledge by New Hampshire candidates to oppose any broad-cased state income or sales taxes, Kelly is reportedly refusing to follow through on her commitment to do so, leaving open the possibility that she may impose them if elected.

“Molly Kelly has spent her entire political career pushing for job-killing tax hikes on Granite State workers and would only do the same if she wins this November,” said RGA spokesman John Burke. “Kelly’s agenda would reverse years of economic growth and leave families less able to makes ends meet. New Hampshire can’t trust her to lead.”