Does Tax Hiker Molly Kelly Agree With Seattle Liberal Jay Inslee That A Carbon Tax Is A “Winning Message” In New Hampshire?

Just days into the general election in the New Hampshire governor’s race, Democrat Tax Hiker Molly Kelly has already made plans to campaign with Seattle Liberal and Democrat Governors Association Chair Governor Jay Inslee. While Inslee is clearly making the trip to New Hampshire solely to further his presidential ambitions, his presence with Kelly on the campaign trail raises serious questions about her candidacy.

In recent interviews, Inslee has been eager to tout his support for job-killing tax hikes that would hurt working families, telling ABC News last month that he feels the carbon tax is a “winning message” for Democrat gubernatorial candidates. While Kelly has refused to admit to voters whether she supports imposing a carbon tax in New Hampshire, she has proudly campaigned on increasing the state’s gas tax while supporting numerous other tax hikes that would weaken the state’s economy.

If Kelly is willing to appear on the campaign trail with Inslee, who is committing to making taxpayers foot the bill for even higher energy prices, she owes it to New Hampshire voters to admit whether she supports imposing such a job-killing tax hike.