South Carolina Dem Gov Primary Turns Ugly As James Smith Gets Slammed For Being A Political Insider

South Carolina Democrats appear to be headed for an ugly primary fight between James Smith and Phil Noble for the party’s nomination, threatening their chances of uniting in 2018. The State reports that Noble is stepping up his attacks on Smith, labeling him “part of the system for 20 years” while calling him out for not having “tackled or changed or challenged the system in the most fundamental areas.”

Noble’s decision to brand Smith as a political insider comes after warnings by South Carolina political scientists that Democrats must be “completely united” with “no bad blood” to win. But with Noble’s increasing attacks on Smith, labeling him as “part of the system,” Democrats appear headed for a bitter fight over whether they should nominate an outsider or an insider to lead their party, setting the stage for a divisive conflict that will continue to polarize Democrat voters.

With just six months to go until their June primary, South Carolina Democrats appear to have their work cut out for them to unite voters amid growing divisions, weakening their hopes of victory in the Palmetto State.