Richard Cordray Struggling To Secure Top Ohio Democrat Endorsements

Despite being labeled the “choice of the Democratic Party establishment” by the Ohio press corps for the state’s gubernatorial race, Washington D.C. Bureaucrat Richard Cordray  is struggling to build support from his party in an increasingly divisive and negative primary contest.

Last night, in another blow to Cordray’s candidacy, the Ohio Democratic Party declined to endorse him, even after throwing their full support behind a slate of candidates for other offices for the November general election. This comes just one week after the Bernie Sanders-aligned Our Revolution group endorsed former Congressman Dennis Kucinich over Cordray.

That wasn’t the only bad news for Cordray this week, as U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, Ohio’s most prominent Democrat statewide elected official, also passed on endorsing Cordray while announcing that he would back other Democrats. This comes after the Mahoning Democrats chose long-shot local candidate Joe Schiavoni over Cordray, even after he personally appealed to the group for their backing.

As Richard Cordray fails to catch fire, locked in a tight race for the nomination that has quickly turned negative, his inability to unite Ohio Democrats around his candidacy remains a drag on his general election hopes.