Ohio Dem Gov Primary Shaping Up To Be Another Hillary Vs. Bernie Style Fight

Ohio’s Democrat gubernatorial primary is quickly shaping up to be another Hillary vs. Bernie style brawl. As establishment Democrats back Washington D.C. Bureaucrat Richard Cordray, the Bernie Sanders wing of the party is going all-in on former congressman Dennis Kucinich. Yesterday, Our Revolution – the Bernie Sanders aligned group – threw its support behind Kucinich’s campaign for governor, over Cordray. This breaks with Democrat establishment leaders like Elizabeth Warren, who have publicly endorsed Cordray’s campaign.

Our Revolution’s decision to support Kucinich comes after Cordray has earned unflattering comparisons to Sanders’ 2016 presidential primary opponent, Hillary Clinton, who lost Ohio in the general election by nearly 10 percentage points.  In January, the Toledo Blade published an editorial comparing Cordray to Clinton, calling him the “choice of the Democratic Party establishment,” and “an inherently weak candidate” who “probably cannot win.”

As Democrats appear poised to repeat their party’s divisive 2016 infighting in this year’s Ohio governor’s race, their chances of uniting for victory in November are quickly diminishing.