Richard Cordray Remains Silent Over Endorsement From Ohio Politician Facing Corruption Investigation

After proudly touting the endorsement of embattled Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish for his gubernatorial campaign, Washington D.C. Bureaucrat Richard Cordray refuses to comment on the controversy surrounding his newest supporter. For months, Budish has attracted unflattering headlines after his administration became the target of a public corruption investigation over its questionable contracts.

Since Cordray announced Budish’s endorsement this week, he’s attracted even more controversy with news that his office appears to have signed off on a contract that was doubled without approval from the board of control, and on Wednesday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that his administration made rent and utility payments for office space without authorization. But while Cordray has been eager to tout Budish’s support, claiming that with his help he would “create a better Ohio,” he hasn’t said a word about the numerous controversies surrounding him.

With his record of mismanagement, ethical questions, and allegations of sweetheart deals for political allies, Cordray spent years running the CFPB the same way Budish has run Cuyahoga County, with little regard for the rule of law and with no concern for the public’s interest. His decision to tout the support of one of Ohio’s most ethically questionable Democrat politicians raises even more doubts about his judgement.