Richard Cordray Enthusiastically Touts Endorsement From Ohio Politician Facing Public Corruption Investigation

Desperate for momentum in a tough gubernatorial primary fight against former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Washington D.C. Bureaucrat Richard Cordray is now touting support from one of Ohio’s most ethically questionable Democrat politicians. This week, Cordray enthusiastically accepted the endorsement of Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish, stating that with his help he would “move into the future” and “create a better Ohio.”

There’s just one problem: For months, Budish’s administration has been the target of a public corruption investigation involving questionable contracts with a software company. To make matters worse, Budish is also facing new controversy this week after it was revealed that his office apparently signed off on a 13-month contract between the county and a consultant group that was later doubled without approval from the county’s Board of Control.

Given Cordray’s own record as a federal bureaucrat with a history of mismanagement and ethical questions, Budish’s endorsement makes perfect sense. At the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Cordray allegedly funneled millions of dollars in taxpayer funded federal contract money to the Democrat ad maker GMMB, raising questions of sweetheart deals.

With his history of mismanagement and questionable activity at the CFPB, Cordray has already shown Ohioans he cannot be trusted to lead, but his enthusiastic acceptance of Budish’s endorsement further highlights just how unfit he is to hold Ohio’s highest office.