RGA Releases New TV Ad In Kentucky Governor’s Race Highlighting Andy Beshear’s Role In The Radical Resistance

WASHINGTON, DC – Putting Kentucky First, an organization supported by the Republican Governors Association (RGA), today released a new television ad in the Kentucky governor’s race. Titled “Resistance,” the ad spotlights Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear’s pledge to “stop the negative policies of [President] Donald Trump” if elected governor.

Beshear made the comments on Wednesday, June 26, during a campaign stop with former primary rival Adam Edelen in Louisville, Ky. The supposed “unity” event derailed quickly when Edelen refused to retract previous criticism of Beshear, including accusations that he “defended pedophiles” as an attorney, quickly followed by Beshear’s anti-Trump comments that left his campaign fruitlessly attempting to do damage control.

View the ad at www.RealAndyBeshear.com.

The ad features footage of Beshear’s remarks alongside clips of national Democratic Party leaders including Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, all part of the radical resistance against President Trump.

“Suing to obstruct President Trump’s agenda and aligning himself with far-left activists groups isn’t enough for Democrat Andy Beshear – now he’s pledging to stop the president’s policies, just like extreme liberals Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Andy Beshear has made it clear he’s with the leaders of the radical resistance – not working Kentucky families.”

In addition to his recent statements, Beshear has repeatedly filed suit against the Trump administration as attorney general, and has touted support from left-wing groups like Indivisible, which describes itself as “a national, progressive organization founded to defeat the Trump agenda.”

The ad will run statewide on broadcast and cable networks.

“Resistance” Script:

Bernie Sanders: “Donald Trump has got to be defeated.”

Elizabeth Warren: “Together, we can resist.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “I think that it is absolutely important that we defeat Donald Trump.”

Hillary Clinton: “Resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

Andy Beshear: “Folks this is an opportunity. Not just to stop the negative policies of Donald Trump…”

Narrator: Andy Beshear stood with Hillary Clinton.

When she lost, he became part of the radical resistance, repeatedly suing to stop Trump’s agenda.

Beshear: “…Stop the negative policies of Donald Trump”

Narrator: Andy Beshear’s with them, not us.