RGA Releases New Ads And Website In North Carolina Governor’s Race

WASHINGTON, DC – The Republican Governors Association (RGA) today released new television and digital ads in the North Carolina gubernatorial race targeting Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s failed leadership. The RGA also released a new website, MeetRoyCooper.com containing key facts about the governor’s record.

The first ad, titled “How Liberal,” further exposes Cooper’s failure to protect communities by vetoing legislation that would have prevented Sanctuary Cities in North Carolina by requiring local law enforcement to cooperate with their federal partners. This comes on top of Cooper vetoing billions of dollars in public safety funding.

The second spot, titled “Incompetent,” puts a spotlight on the Cooper administration’s failure to get assistance to struggling North Carolina workers who found themselves unemployed through no fault of their own due to coronavirus-related economic shutdowns. With nearly a million North Carolinians out of work, the state was ranked last in the nation for timely distribution of unemployment benefits and continues to lag behind.

“Keeping communities safe and running a functioning government is the bare minimum that citizens deserve from their governor, but liberal Roy Cooper has failed across the board,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Governor Cooper has served his partisan political agenda instead of the people of North Carolina at every opportunity, and working families are paying the price.”

Script for “How Liberal”:
How liberal is Roy Cooper?
He made North Carolina a Sanctuary State for illegals.
And when he told you to stay inside and closed your business…
He marched with protestors.
Roy Cooper has failed North Carolina.
Paid for by Republican Governors Association.

Script for “Incompetent”:
How incompetent is Roy Cooper?
When businesses were forced to shut down…
And nearly a million people lost their jobs…
Cooper wasn’t prepared.
We were ranked dead last in delivering timely unemployment benefits.
Roy Cooper has failed North Carolina.
Paid for by Republican Governors Association.