RGA Launches Multi-Million Dollar Ad Campaign In North Carolina Governor’s Race

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association (RGA) today launched its first major television and digital ad campaign in the North Carolina governor’s race. The ads, which are supported by a seven-figure buy on both television and digital platforms, expose Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s dangerous public safety record and failure to protect North Carolina communities.

Cooper vetoed three consecutive state budgets that included billions in funding for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. Cooper’s failure to support law enforcement comes at a time when Democrats across the country are pushing to defund the police despite rising violence and threats to public safety. As protests turned violent in Raleigh, Charlotte, and cities across North Carolina, Cooper stayed hidden in the Governor’s Mansion, emerging only to march with protestors. Cooper’s woefully inadequate response to the unrest has been termed a “failure” by state leaders.

“When chaos and unrest threatened North Carolina communities, Governor Cooper did what he does best – hid in his mansion and refused to take a stand against the violence,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Roy Cooper’s stunning lack of leadership at this critical time puts North Carolinians at risk, all to appease his political allies. Roy Cooper has failed North Carolina.”

Script for “Defund”:
Before the Radical Left demanded that we Defund the Police…
Roy Cooper vetoed billions in public safety funding – three straight budgets…
And stood by as mobs took over our streets.
Roy Cooper stands with them, not us.

Script for “Feel Safe”:
Do you feel safe?
Roy Cooper vetoed billions for public safety – three straight budgets…
And failed to protect us as violence spiraled out of control.
Roy Cooper has failed North Carolina.