RGA Launches First TV Ad of the General Election in Georgia

Photo by: Rob Thomas, The Capital Times

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association has launched its first general election TV ad in Georgia, one day after Governor Brian Kemp claimed a decisive primary election victory.

The ad highlights Stacey Abrams’ embrace of lockdowns and economy-killing restrictions on Georgia businesses, along with her support for raising taxes on hardworking Georgians. The six-figure ad begins today on Atlanta broadcast TV.


“While Governor Brian Kemp was fighting for hardworking families and making Georgia a great place to live, work, and raise a family, Stacey Abrams was openly embracing job-killing and economy-stifling restrictions and pushing her personal agenda rather than putting Georgians first,” said RGA Executive Director Dave Rexrode. “Georgians can’t afford a state controlled by Abrams, where she believes only she knows what’s best for them.  Abrams is on record saying she will raise your taxes, push a radical agenda, and advance her personal political ambitions rather than do what’s best for the state. Just like four years ago, the RGA is committed to reminding voters of Stacey Abrams’ wrong priorities and will ensure she is rejected by voters once again in November.”

“Knows Best” Transcript:

Abrams: “I actually believe that you should tell people what they should do…”

Typical Stacey Abrams. She believes only she knows what’s best.

Abrams: “We certainly wouldn’t have been one of the first to reopen.”

Small businesses and schools closed. Strict mandates on everyone but herself.

And Stacey believes she can spend your money better than you.

That’s why she’s supported higher gas taxes, a new sales tax, supports higher property taxes.

In Stacey Abrams’ Georgia, it’s all about her, not you.