RGA Launches Digital Campaign Targeting Democrat Governors’ Job-Killing Records

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Republican Governors Association announced a new digital campaign targeting Democrat governors on their anti-jobs, anti-business policies. Over the past week, Democrat governors attempted to mislead voters in interviews with the New York Times and POLITICO claiming their focus is on improving job climates in their states, but as their failed records show, they continue to embrace job-killing policies that put their states at an economic disadvantage and force companies to flee.

The campaign will mainly focus on six Democrat governors who are eligible for re-election in 2018 or serve in DGA leadership: Dan Malloy in Connecticut, Gina Raimondo in Rhode Island, Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania, Kate Brown in Oregon, Jay Inslee in Washington and Terry McAuliffe in Virginia.

This digital campaign will highlight news, research and insights on Democrat governors’ failed records and continued efforts to push anti-jobs legislation. Follow along on social media at @The_RGA and the hashtag #DemGovFails.

“When it comes to jobs, Democrat governors are all talk and no action,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. “Voters have heard this same empty rhetoric from Democrat governors for years, but they continue to embrace anti-business, job-killing policies that put their states at an economic disadvantage. With a near-century low of only 16 Democrat governors across the country, their desperate attempts to mislead their citizens will continue to grow, but the RGA will ensure voters know the truth and hold them accountable.”