When It Comes To Jobs, Democrat Governors Are All Talk & No Action

In spite of their failed economic and job policies that have reduced their numbers to the lowest in almost a century, Democrat governors continue to double down on their hopes to focus on jobs. But as we’ve seen time and again, Democrat governors are all talk and no action. Voters have heard this same empty rhetoric from them for years, but yet they routinely embrace anti-business, anti-growth policies that put their states at an economic disadvantage. POLITICO reports:

“The nation’s Democratic governors think they can make giant gains in 2018 if they stick to one message: jobs, jobs and jobs.”

“In interviews on the sidelines of the recent National Governors Association meeting in Washington, D.C., a slew of prominent Democratic governors — including several who may harbor presidential ambitions — said the party needs to sand down the sides of its message and focus on how it will help create high-paying jobs.”

“I think the party needs to be all about jobs for everybody,’ said Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo.”
Democrat governors talk a big game on jobs, but the facts show their actions do not match their words. They may try to mislead voters about their records, but their words cannot mask their actions.  

All 10 of the 10 best states for business in 2016 as ranked by Chief Executive Magazine were led by GOP Governors, including 17 of the top 20. This includes DGA Chairman Dan Malloy’s Connecticut ranked as No. 46 overall, only four spots from the worst.

15 of the top 20 top states for business in 2016 as ranked by CNBC were led by GOP Governors. This includes Rhode Island dead last at No. 50 under their Democrat governor Gina Raimondo, and Dan Malloy’s Connecticut at No. 43.

7 of the 10 best states for business as ranked by FORBES were led by GOP Governors, including Malloy’s Connecticut and Raimondo’s Rhode Island in the bottom 10.