Republican Governors Win Control of Majority of 2012 Swing States

Republican Governors have won control of the majority of 2012 swing states. The following states that held gubernatorial races are considered swing states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The RGA spent $49.5 million in these 10 swing states we deemed critical to 2012.

Of the 10 swing states listed above, 8 had Democratic governors in 2008. President Obama carried every one of the above swing states that had a Democratic governor except for Arizona. With Republicans winning back a majority, President Obama’s 2012 map is much more difficult.

“Republican control of the majority of 2012 swing states is a major roadblock to the President’s re-election and a repudiation of his policies,” said RGA Chairman Haley Barbour. “These states are the bellwethers of the nation, and they’ve sent a firm message to Washington that America wants smaller government and more freedom.”