Republican Governors Comment on Introduction of the North American Energy Security Act

Republican Governors Association Chairman Bob McDonnell and RGA Public Policy Chairman Mitch Daniels weighed in today on the introduction of the North American Energy Security Act in the United States Senate:

“America needs more energy and more jobs. The North American Energy Security Act will deliver both. It is long past time that we got serious as a nation about our need to act boldly and quickly to move towards greater energy security. For too long we have studied, waited and hedged while the global energy market has only gotten more uncertain, and the need for action in our country has only gotten more acute. By building the Keystone XL pipeline we will finally be taking decisive action to grow our economy and improve our energy situation. I urge Congress to pass this bill immediately,” said RGA Chairman Bob McDonnell.

“Republican Governors applaud Senators Lugar, Hoeven and Vitter for introducing the pro-jobs North American Energy Security Act.  President Obama once again acted against middle class jobs and again to protect foreign energy interests over the interests of Americans. With national unemployment over 8%, a project that will create over 20,000 jobs and secure our nation’s energy future should be Washington’s top priority,” added RGA Public Policy Chairman Mitch Daniels.