Radical Arizona Dem Gov Candidate David Garcia’s Call To Abolish ICE Slammed As A “Blunder” And “A Step Too Far”

Arizona Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Garcia continues to draw intense criticism for his embrace of the “abolish ICE” movement, with the Arizona Capitol Times calling it a “blunder” and “a step too far.” Garcia has tacked to the far left in his campaign for governor in an attempt to win his primary, but that kind of “unapologetic progressivism won’t play well in Arizona this election cycle.”

One Arizona insider said that Garcia will “regret” joining the “abolish ICE” movement. “That is among the greatest gubernatorial candidate blunders I have seen in my 30 years.”

From praising the socialist campaign of New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to supporting an extreme environmental agenda to double monthly electricity bills on families, to now saying that he wants to “abolish ICE,” David Garcia has made clear that he is a far-left radical who is deeply out-of-touch with the people of Arizona.