Oregon’s Business Climate Falls Further Behind Under Failed Dem Gov Kate Brown

With Oregon facing growing deficit issues as a result of failed Democrat governor Kate Brown’s failed leadership, the state’s business climate continues to fall further behind the rest of the country. New rankings by more than 500 CEO’s named Oregon as one of the worst states for business, falling to 44th in the country, five spots below its position in the same rankings last year.

Already facing criticism for “feeble” budget ideas and her administration’s demonstrable lack of follow-through on its repeated pledges to be as transparent as possible following Democrat governor John Kitzhaber’s decision to resign in disgrace that allowed her to come to office, Brown’s list of failures continues to grow as Oregon becomes even less friendly to businesses than it already was under her leadership.

Oregon deserves a governor who will work tirelessly to promote an open and welcoming climate for business. But just as she has when it comes to public accountability, Kate Brown’s policies only promote an Oregon that is closed off. It becomes clearer with each passing day that a new direction is needed for the Beaver State in 2018.