Editorial Slams Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown’s Leadership Flaws

After taking fire from the media for her blatant lack of transparency and her refusal to address glaring issues with Oregon’s Department of Energy, failed Democrat governor Kate Brown’s decision to abruptly fire three members of the state Environmental Quality Commission is earning her a fresh round of criticism. An editorial published this week by The Daily Astorian shredded the governor’s decision, calling it part of a “disturbing” trend:

“Legally, a governor has the authority to fire political appointees, including commission members. But such actions should be exceedingly rare and must be fully explained. Oregonians deserve that, especially given Brown’s professed commitment to transparency.

Nothing about her action makes sense. That includes the press release issued by her office on Wednesday. It announced her appointment of three new members to the Environmental Quality Commission, thanked the three departing members, avoided saying they had been fired, and gave no clue to her reasoning — including why she kept two members…

The trend is disturbing.

Oregonians have wanted stronger leadership from Gov. Brown. But her sacking of three environmental quality commissioners smacks of retribution, not leadership.”

Despite taking office by promising to “restore the public’s trust,” Kate Brown has proven resistant to transparency, unwilling to address glaring challenges, but capable of petty political retribution. Oregon deserves a governor who will work tirelessly to live up to their promises, but unfortunately Kate Brown is clearly unwilling to do so.