New Jersey Dem Gov Candidate Phil Murphy Compares President Trump To Hitler

Shocking new video of Phil Murphy comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany is raising serious questions about the New Jersey Democrat gubernatorial candidate. The video, reported on by Save Jersey, shows Murphy using a ridiculously hyperbolic comparison to attack the President of the United States. This comes less than a week after Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello shamefully compared the election of the President to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Phil Murphy’s eagerness to compare the President to a genocidal tyrant responsible for millions of deaths is grossly irresponsible and his words show an inexcusable lack of judgement. As Save Jersey reports, “when you’re running to lead a state…like Phil is, and your initial roll-out involves…comparing the opposition to genocidal maniacs…we’re left to question your judgment and fitness for the job in question.”

MURPHY: “I have lived in Germany twice – once as a private citizen and once as the United States ambassador, and I’m a modest student of Germany history. And I know what was being said about somebody else in the 1920s. And you could unfortunately drop in names from today into those observations from the 1920’s, and the moves that have been made early on only aide and abet that argument.” (VIDEO)

Save Jersey reports:

The YouTube clip definitely stands out. Its video footage of the time Phil Murphy not-too-subtly compared Donald Trump and his followers/supporters to the freakin’ Nazis at a post-election rally.

Can you hope to unite/lead a state when you sincerely believe HALF of the nation (and 1.6+ million New Jerseyans who voted for Donald Trump) are 21st Century Nazis?

How can a Governor Murphy expect to have a working relationship, on a day-to-day basis or when the next natural disaster strikes, with a president he’s compared to Hitler?

Do you seriously believe Donald Trump is as evil as a guy who killed MILLIONS of human beings? And plunged the planet into war?”

You may hate the Donald as much as Phil Murphy, folks, and that’s your right, but when you’re running to lead a state of 9 million souls with major problems like Phil is, and your initial roll-out involves goofy plans like founding a state bank (because Trenton does a great job with what it has!) and comparing the opposition to genocidal maniacs… we’re left to question your judgment and fitness for the job in question.

We may’ve finally found the liberal who’s too extreme for “Blue” Jersey…