Dem Gov Candidate Adam Edelen Confirms He Would Destroy Kentucky’s Coal Industry

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Adam Edelen is leaving no room for doubt that if he wins Kentucky’s highest office, coal workers lose. In newly-released audio of a recent event, Edelen was asked if he was going to go after the coal industry and responded, “there are no coal workers left man,” before confirming that he would eliminate coal jobs in favor of renewable energy jobs:

Not only are Edelen’s numbers off by over 100 percent – Kentucky has over 6,500 coal jobs, not 3,000 – but his comments echo self-described socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who last month stated in an MSNBC town hall that she doesn’t want to allow jobs in the coal industry to be “better, more dignified, and higher wage than ‘new’ energy jobs.”

The national anti-coal lobby has designated Edelen as their clear favorite in the race, with the Sierra Club giving him their first endorsement of any Kentucky candidate earlier this month:

“By insulting Kentucky workers and families that rely on the coal industry, Adam Edelen has proven that he has more in common with a New York City socialist than he does with Kentuckians,” said RGA Deputy Communications Director John Burke. “Kentucky needs a governor who will work to push the frontiers of job creation while also protecting key industries like coal, but Edelen has made it clear he’s prepared to push his far-left agenda even if it means killing thousands of jobs.”