Nevada Dem Gov Candidate Steve Sisolak Remains Silent On How He Plans To Pay For Costly Single-Payer

While Democrat gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak hasn’t backed down from supporting a radical, far-left Single-Payer healthcare system in Nevada, he still won’t explain how he would pay it. After video surfaced last week of Sisolak unequivocally backing a move toward Single-Payer in Nevada, the Clark County politician has not given any details on how he would cover the costs for such a plan.

In supporting Single-Payer, Sisolak joins a growing list of far-left Democrat politicians around the country to come out in favor of such a proposal. But with a recent nonpartisan study of a single-payer proposal in Maryland indicating that the system would force massive tax hikes on working families and small businesses, Sisolak has been unwilling to provide specifics on how exactly he would pay for it.

With Sisolak supporting Single-Payer in Nevada, he owes the taxpayers of his state a clear answer on how much of the bill they will have to foot for his radical scheme.